Dive into ColdFusion ORM, the Water's Great!

October 25, 2013

11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Islander BG

If you've been waiting to immerse yourself in ORM because it sounded scary and you didn't know where to start, or perhaps you've been playing with ORM but you don't know if you're getting the full potential out of it, this session is for you. We'll talk about when to use ORM in your applications and how ColdFusion makes it ridiculously easy to harness the power of Java's Hibernate. We'll work with examples that show how to set up your application, configure entities, and learn how to focus on the objects that make your domain model work instead of getting lost in DAOs all day. After this session, attend Steve Rittler's Advanced ORM session where I hear he'll be handing out Black Belts in ORM Awesomeness at the end of the session.

Software Architect and Product Evangelist
Ortus Solutions Inc.
Domain Model